What Is A Marimba, Anyway?


In the photo to the right, you will see a  marimba.  They are similar to their cousin the xylophone, which is used regularly in the orchestras





Both have bars suspended  like the keys of a piano, but wider bars and lower pitch differentiate the two relatives. 


Underneath those bars, long resonators cut to different lengths amplify the warm, rich sound of the natural rosewood keys. 



The marimba originated in Africa, but commerce  soon brought it to other lands.  The sound was so appealing in South America and Mexico, that it became as popular as the guitar in the Mariachi Bands! 

WOODWORKS repertoire contains music from this early period, but goes beyond and stretches the possibilities of what one would expect to hear on this instrument.  Famous Classical, Ragtime, Circus and Opera melodies and songs are on the menu for a new interpretation.


So What Kind Of Entrees Can  WOODWORKS Serve Up For My Event?

A Night in Old Mexico - Music of present day Mexico mixed with Mayan melodies.  A fine blend of new and old flavors.

The Joplin Jukebox - Simple  Ragtime served up by the master.  

The Circus! - Some of the most well known music of the circus. You can taste the cotton candy and smell the popcorn.

Patriotic Salute - Popular John Philip Sousa marches topped off with a tribute to our veterans.  A Summer picnic delight!

The Woodcracker! - A tribute to a timeless standard. Slowly roasted and dipped in chocolate!  The sweetest suite ever heard!

A Christmas Chorale - Some of the most memorable Christmas melodies ever served. And for dessert, an audience sing-a-long!

Orchestra and Opera Meet the Marimba - Some of the most famous orchestral and operatic literature trimmed with the sweet voice of a soprano for spice!

And If All That Sounds So Good You Just Cannot Make A Decision...

The Sampler Platter - designed specifically for those that want it all!  Guaranteed to tantalize your audience.  One of everything with a pickle on the side!

WOW!!  That Sounds Great!

I Want To Place My Order NOW!! 

Tell Me How...

Hold on, my Friend!  There is ONE more thing to take into consideration before you embark on this momentous endeavor. WOODWORKS comes in several different configurations.  Study them carefully! Each configuration may directly affect the entree you choose from the menu. (Even the Sampler Platter! )Such as...A Christmas Chorale. It may be a bit on the bland side without the sing-a-long dessert segment if your configuration does not contain the SINGER.  Consider carefully what you want and when you contact us. AND rest assured that skilled professionals are standing by to advise you and help you meet your needs.  No order is too big, too small or too strange.

(For details, please see the: WOODWORKS CONFIGURATOR)